September 8, 2017

Wine and Alcoholic Beverages

Counterfeit Products

Product sales are directly tied to consumer’s perception that they are purchasing a quality product. Brand damage caused by counterfeit wine and alcoholic beverages is very serious. Producers spend significant marketing dollars to establish their brand image and market presence. When a customer buys a counterfeit product of significantly reduced quality, they may no longer buy or recommend the product, and may even recommend against it. Even reading about an issue with counterfeits is enough to create uncertainty and doubt in the buyer’s mind.  Enabling producers and authorities to quickly and easily test for product authenticity protects both producers and consumers.

EIM-IRMS method is capable of:

  • Geographical origin determination
  • Detection of added water in wines with and without geographical origin
  • Detection of added C4-sugar/ethanol in wines with and without geographical origin
  • Detection of added C3-sugar/ethanol in wines with and without geographical origin

EGU General Assambly 2014 , Vienna, Austria – Determination of wine authenticity and geographical origin by measuring non-exchangeable hydrogen stable isotopes in wine ethanol with EIM-IRMS® methodology in combination with δ18O values obtained from wine water.  
Ivan Smajlovic, Mirko Glavanovic, Kimberlee L. Sparks, Jed P.Sparks, and Slobodan Jovic

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