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EIM-IRMS® Module

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SG Isotech specializes in wine, honey, fruit juice authentication, verification and identification.

We have developed, certified, and patented a new isotope method for analysis of wine, grape must, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, and honey –  Ethanol Isotope Measurement – Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (EIM-IRMS®).  EIM-IRMS® method is capable of providing unique molecular fingerprint that cannot be reproduced or counterfeited.  It is used to determine production practices used in wine and honey production, and product authentication for the purpose of protecting producers and consumers.


EIM-IRMS® is significantly more precise, sample analysis is shorter, and the equipment used, Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) is much more readily available and cheaper than equipment  for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) method, which can only be used for wine with known geographical origin.

EIM-IRMS® Module is a fully automated peripheral optimized for isotope analysis using our patented method.  It meets the increasing demand for isotope analysis for applications such as quality control; detection of adulteration of wine, alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, honey, and other consumables.

EIM-IRMS® method and module have been validated in cooperation with the following laboratories:

1. Imprint Analytics GmbH, Austria - Validation Report

2. Isotoptech Zrt, Hungary - Validation Report

3. C.N.R.I.F.F.I , China - Validation Report

EIM-IRMS® Module has been installed at the above-mentioned laboratories and COIL laboratory at Cornell University, USA.

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