Preparation Automated Distillation System

EIM-PADS® (Ethanol Isotope Measurement – Preparation Automated Distillation System) represents a fully automated distillation battery with up to 10 distillation units used for the quantitative extraction of ethanol from wine, fermented fruit juices, fermented honey or alcoholic beverages. EIM-PADS® delivers repeatable and reliable results with average distillation yield higher than 96 % for alcohol class over 92 %vol.
Distillation process lasts approximately 45minutes per sample, making it the fastest in the market.

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The missing link in Isotope Analysis

We have developed, certified, and patented a new isotope method for analysis of wine, grape must, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, and honey – Ethanol Isotope Measurement – Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (EIM-IRMS®).

EIM-IRMS® method is capable of providing unique molecular fingerprint that cannot be reproduced or counterfeited. It is used to determine production practices used in wine and honey production, and product authentication for the purpose of protecting producers and consumers.

EIM-IRMS® is significantly more precise, sample analysis is shorter, and the equipment used, Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) is much more readily available and cheaper than equipment for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) method, which can only be used for wine with known geographical origin.

Instrument Description

EIM-PADS is totally automated and user-friendly equipment which represents a part of the SG Isotech's EIM-IRMS concept for isotopic analysis of ethanol. As a preparation unit it simplifies the extraction of ethanol analyte from wine, fermented fruit juices, fermented honey or alcoholic beverage samples for easier determination of deuterium isotopes in ethanol.

  • Water cooling
  • 230V, 50/60 Hz
  • 500 x 400 x 1500 ( w x d x h) (one distillation unit)
  • 25 kg (net value of one distillation unit)
specification view 3d model
  • Water cooling
  • Software regulation of temperature
  • Vertical lift actuators with software regulation
  • Quantitative separation of ethanol through rectification column
What does EIM-PADS stands for?

EIM-PADS is a shortcut for Ethanol Isotope Measurement – Preparation Automatic Distillation System. It is a fully automated distillation system.

How many distillation units can be in one system?

EIM-PADS system can contain up to 10 distillation units in any denomination.

What kind of products can be distilled using EIM-PADS?

Wine, fermented fruit juices, fermented honey as well as alcoholic beverages can be distilled on the EIM-PADS system.

Is it possible to distill multiple samples at the same time?

Of course, it is possible to distill multiple samples simultaneously, regardless of their origin.

What is the volume of sample needed for distillation? Does it vary based on product?

The volume of the sample to be distilled is always the same, and is 250 mL.

What is the distillation flask volume used in EIM-PADS?

The volume of the distillation flask is 500 mL.

How is temperature of the distillation controlled?

The whole distillation process is fully automated and software-driven, so the process ends automatically when ethanol is completely pre-distilled and converted to the distillate.

At what temperature does the distillation start and finish? Why?

Distillation begins when the temperature at the top of the distillation unit reaches 78.2 °C and ends when the temperature exceeds the value of 79 °C. The ethanol evaporation temperature is between this range. As soon as the temperature exits this range, it means that there is no more ethanol in the superheated steam and that the distillation process is complete.

How does the distillation unit control the temperature of distillation?

Temperature is controlled by EIM9000 software, which comes with the system.

How do I identify samples?

Sample names can be entered into the EIM9000 program.

How long does it take to distill a sample?

The distillation time depends on the amount of ethanol in the sample. The average distillation process varies from 1 to 2 hours.

Can the distillation be stopped at any time? Is 5 or 10 ml of distillate enough?

Distillation may be stopped at any time, but it is not advisable. In case it was only partially distilled, it is not advisable to use distillate for authentication because the process is not complete and is not quantitative by itself. Ethanol must be quantitatively extracted from the sample to be analyzed in order for the results to be reliable and valid.

Does the distillate need to be stored in the refrigerator or can it be kept at the room temperature?

It is advisable to keep ethanol distillate samples in the refrigerator at low temperature to avoid evaporation and hence isotopic fractionation and loss of sample origin information.

Why this automatic unit is better than usual distillery?

It is not possible to concentrate ethanol by standard distillation to the ethanol concentrations obtained on EIM-PADS.

How much space does it occupy in the lab?

The space occupied by EIM-PADS depends on the number of distillation units within a single battery. Dimensions and weight of one distillation unit is 500mm x 400mm x 1500mm (W x D x H); 30kg NET weight.

Why Choose EIM-PADS® Module

In particular, this method really solves the urgent problem of determining authenticity, not only in our post-Soviet space, but also around the World...

DR Sergey Cherepitsa

Representative of Laboratory of Analitical Research - Belarus State University