Revolutionary Solution for Wine, Honey, Fruit Juice and Strong Spirit Testing and Authentication

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The Missing Link in Isotope Analysis

We have developed, certified, and patented a new isotope method for analysis of wine, grape must, honey, fruit juices, and alcoholic beverages – Ethanol Isotope Measurement – Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (EIM-IRMS®).

EIM-IRMS® method is the ONLY method in the world capable of determining the addition of sugar from C3 based plants during production.   For determining the addition of sugar from C4 plants our method has been proven to be significantly faster, more accurate and less expensive than the other techniques used in the industry.   It is used to determine production practices used in wine, honey, and fruit juice production without the need for having a known sample for comparison.  EIM-IRMS® method is used for testing both known and unknown samples, which represent the majority of the market.

EIM-IRMS® method assigns a unique molecular fingerprint to every product that cannot be reproduced or counterfeited.  It can be used for product differentiation and authentication.