Consumers are the main driver and focus of SG-Isotech. Using our technology and the application, we are able to educate and protect the consumer from potentially harmful or adulterated products. By providing information about authenticity and origin of wine the consumers will be the ultimate beneficiaries, knowing the product has been certified and having all the information regarding a specific bottle of wine available at their fingertips.

Counterfeit Wine


Brand damage caused by counterfeit wine is very serious. Wineries spend significant marketing dollars to establish their brand image and market presence. When a customer buys a counterfeit product of significantly reduced quality, they may no longer buy or recommend the product, and may even recommend against it. Even reading about an issue with counterfeits is enough to create uncertainty and doubt in the buyer's mind.

Wine Identification and Tracebility


The wine industry has not been able to successfully track and manage production and distribution of wine. Even though there are a number of techniques available in the market, not a single one has been able to merge production practices and wine ID/traceability into a single application and give consumers the ability to verify and ensure the product they are purchasing is authentic



With thousands of wine varieties available in the market consumers are making decisions based on fancy labels and not quality of product. Producers are looking for ways to differentiate their product, gain consumer confidence, and protect their brand.