About us

SG Isotech specializes in wine authenticity, verification and identification. 


We have developed, verified, and patented a new isotope method for analysis of wine, grape must and fruit juice. Our method, Ethanol Isotope Measurement - Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (EIM-IRMS®), is capable of providing unique molecular fingerprint that cannot be reproduced or counterfeited. EIM-IRMS® method can be used to understand and certify practices used in production of grape must, table and quality wine without the need of raw samples. Our method is a lot more precise, sample analysis lasts significantly shorter, and the equipment used, Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) is much more readily available and cheaper than nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) method, which is used only for high quality wine with known geographical origin.


SG-Isotech has also integrated a quick, inexpensive method, SG-ID®, for verifying the wine identity using a real-time, in-store, secure and non-reproducible application that provides the consumer information specific to the bottle of wine being considered. The application facilitates producer to consumer interaction allowing user to verify authenticity, gain confidence about the wine considered and obtain additional information about the wine. The application can furnish information about market environment, trends, that will help producers, distributers market their product to specific audience.

In food industry EIM-IRMS® method can also be used for addition of water and sugar to fruit juice and other natural beverages.  In some cases these practices are allowed, however products produced using these practices have to be declared as such.