Current methods are too slow and costly to efficiently test these wines for authenticity. A much more affordable solution would be widely adopted by a market concerned with protection from counterfeits. By using the EIM-IRMS® method, the amount of wine tested and tracked can be significantly increased to satisfy a growing need for verification of all wines. The burden ultimately lies with suppliers and distributors to protect consumers, and to hedge against market share erosion and reputation risk to which they could fall victim. Using the SG-ID® technology, consumers, producers, distributors and government agencies are able to combat counterfeit wines, get a better understanding of the market environment and trends, and verify authenticity of every bottle of wine.


Consumers are the main driver and focus of SG-Isotech. Using our technology, we are able to educate and protect the consumer from potentially harmful or adulterated products. By implementing constant, more precise quality control, consumers will be the ultimate beneficiaries, knowing the product has been certified and having all the information regarding a specific bottle of wine available at their fingertips.

Producer-Specific Benefits

  • Provide producers the ability to protect their product from counterfeit wine that could tarnish their reputation and has been shown to reduce revenue
  • Test for geographical and botanical origins of grape must and bulk wine purchased from bulk distributors
  • Give producers the only affordable verification system to differentiate their brand
  • Enhance consumer confidence in known brands and wine products
  • Provide an ability to track market trends and better understand their position in the market

  • Distributor-Specific Benefits

  • Verification of wine originality and authenticity by performing wine fingerprinting and comparing it to database sample records
  • Protect revenue and brand reputation
  • Differentiation from other distributors not using tools to protect consumers
  • Consumer protection and value received on wine purchase
  • Avoid legal costs for false product suits

  • Government-Specific Benefits

  • Government agencies can verify production quantity in order to impose proper taxes
  • Verify allowed production practices have been followed, for consumer protection
  • Ability to easily uncover counterfeit wine destined for import or export
  • Ability to perform wine authentication at the point of sale, with minimal cost